Flavors of Morocco


Close your eyes , inhale, and breathe the spices of North Africa. Situated on ancient trade routes, the kingdom benefits from a vibrant import trade from all corners of the world and an agreeable climate. Despite the summer heat, the fertile red earth, expansive coasts, and cooler mountains produce a bountiful harvest from field, orchard, and ocean. Arab, African, Persian, and French influences fuse with ancient Berber culinary skills in the kitchen.


With Muslims rising at dawn to pray, breakfast is an important and often hearty meal, consisting of a variety of dishes and beverages. There’s mint tea and freshly squeezed orange juice, bread, olive oil, honey, nuts and omelets fried with preserved meat (kblea). There are the usual french croissants, pain au chocolat, and crêpees, plus two delicious traditional Moroccan alternatives. The first is msemn, a layered pastry-pancake oozing melted butter and honey. The second is a small holed pancake called a baghir that is similar to a drop scone or crumpet. This is equally delicious eaten with honey or jam.

Moroccan salads

No meal is complete in Morocco without a salad (salade marocaine), a simple dish of chopped tomatoes, parsley, and onion, quite often brought to the table whether ordered or not. Dressed with a dash of lemon juice and good amount of olive oil, this tangy, refreshing salad goes well with all manner of main courses. Other popular salads to try are eggplant pureed with yogurt and spices, and roed bell peppers marinated with garlic.


Couscous is probably the most famous Moroccan dish, combining tiny balls of steamed wheat pasta with a meat-and-vegetable stew poured on top. The meat base for the stew can be chicken, beef, or lamb, and vegetables usually include a combination of turnip, carrot, sweet potato, pumpkin, and zucchini, with chickpeas and raisins sprinkled throughout. Couscous is typically a Friday-Lunch meal but is served at other times as well.


Is an elaborate meat pie combining sweet and salty flavors. Traditionally filled with pigeon, it is often prepared with spices and then combined with cinnamon, ground almonds, and crisp, thin layers of a phyllo-like dough. Pastilla is reserved for special occasions due to the complexity of its common to find a phyllo chef hard at work preparing the sheets for sale to women without the space, time, or skill to prepare the pastry at home.


Is the name of both the stew served in most Moroccan homes at lunch and dinner and he name of the traditional clay pot with a tall, cone-shaped lid in which it is generally cooked. Moroccan tagines use chicken, beef, or lamb as the base along with vegetables like carrots, peas, green beans, and a variety of other ingredients, including chickpeas, olives, apricots, prunes, and nuts, Typical tagines are chicken and preserved lemon, lentils with meat and prunes, chicken and almonds, and kefta ( ground meat) and egg.

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